Our Clients

logo_harrisGovernment Communications Systems Division of Harris Corporation awarded Spectrum a $1.5 million contract for equipment and services to be deployed in the field trials of the U.S. Navy’s Advanced Deployable System (ADS). Spectrum will supply signal processing products and services for use in both ship borne and buoy components of the ADS, the future U.S. Navy littoral surveillance system.


logo_gdc4General Dynamics C4 Systems and Spectrum will introduce and market an upgraded wideband modem for the U.S. Navy’s AN/USC-61(C) Digital Modular Radio (DMR). The upgrade will allow the DMR, a software-defined radio, to host new wideband Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) waveforms, in addition to the existing range of waveforms supported.

logo_lockheedSpectrum provided three SDR-3000 software defined radio platforms and related engineering services to Lockheed Martin for research, development and prototyping of advanced satellite communications applications. These applications will offer improved performance under stressing channel conditions and are designed for future net-centric space systems that will support Defense Department and other government organizations.

logo_agilentSpectrum has had an ongoing relationship with Agilent since 1997. The DSP-based products that Spectrum has supplied to Agilent has given them the capability to simultaneously monitor 300 to 500 lines of communication in their surveillance systems

logo_motorolaSpectrum announced a $500,000 agreement with Motorola, Inc. for the supply of itsflexComm™ SDR-3000 SMRDP for cognitive radio research and development.

logo_cubicCubic Defense Applications, a subsidiary of Cubic Corporation, purchased the flexComm SDR-3000 software reconfigurable platform for waveform development that will help all branches of the military and several public agencies communicate with one another.

logo_jtrsThe U.S. Department of Defense Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) Joint Program Office (JPO) selected Spectrum’s flexComm SDR-3000 architecture for independent verification and validation of JTRS waveforms.

logo_bundeswehrSpectrum supplied two SDR-3002 IMRDP (International Military Communications Rapid Prototyping and Development Platform) platforms to WTD 81, an agency of the German Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement (BWB). BWB is the largest technical authority in Germany and the centralized procurement organization for the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr). This purchase will enhance the software defined radio capabilities within the Bundeswehr and equip WTD 81 with a high performance hardware platform integrated with the necessary software and waveform development tools to support the Software Communications Architecture (SCA).

logo_frenchrepublicSpectrum provided the SDR-3002 software defined radio platform, training and support services to the French Ministry of the Interior for the development of a new communications platform for a homeland security application.

logo_thalesThales Underwater Systems chose Spectrum’s flexComm SDR-3000 software reconfigurable platform for use in mine detection by unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV).

logo_nasaNASA uses the flexComm SDR-3000 software reconfigurable platform to simulate spacecraft in the lab, providing rapid prototyping for the development of inter-satellite cross links.

logo_canadaSpectrum’s flexComm SDR-3000 software reconfigurable platform will be used in a multi-function satellite communications terminal, an implementation of the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) developed by the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) program in the United States.

logo_northropNorthrop Grumman chose Spectrum’s flexComm reconfigurable platform for use in its successful TPS-78 family of tactical ground-based air-surveillance radar systems.