ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) systems requires reliable and accurate systems with exceptional processing capabilities to help detect, locate and gather signals. Spectrum’s commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions provide high-throughput, scalable and reconfigurable solutions for quick deployments such as:

  • Wideband spectral analysis
  • Spectral monitoring with multichannel direction finding
  • Channelized receivers with beamforming

We design with modularity in mind. Quickly tailor your system to meet specific mission requirements and more easily swap or upgrade your components while deployed in the field. Ideal for applications such as:

  • SIGINT (Signals Intelligence)
  • ELINT (Electronic Intelligence)
  • COMINT (Communications Intelligence)
  • EW (Electronic Warfare) and EA (Electronic Attack)
  • ECM (Electronic Countermeasures)


logo_harrisGovernment Communications Systems Division of Harris Corporation awarded Spectrum a $1.5 million contract for equipment and services to be deployed in the field trials of the U.S. Navy’s Advanced Deployable System (ADS). Spectrum will supply signal processing products and services for use in both ship borne and buoy components of the ADS, the future U.S. Navy littoral surveillance system.


logo_agilentSpectrum has had an ongoing relationship with Agilent since 1997. The DSP-based products that Spectrum has supplied to Agilent has given them the capability to simultaneously monitor 300 to 500 lines of communication in their surveillance systems

logo_frenchrepublicSpectrum provided the SDR-3002 software defined radio platform, training and support services to the French Ministry of the Interior for the development of a new communications platform for a homeland security application.


“Spectrum’s low power, rugged, small form factor products provide the right processing solution needed for this [Advanced Deployable Systems] unique surveillance application.”

Ken Schumacher

Senior Program Manager, Harris Corporation Government Communications Systems Division