Customization (MCOTS) & System Integration Services

Your application and project is unique, which is why Spectrum will customize standard COTS products when they cannot meet all of your requirements. Spectrum can work closely with you to deliver a Modified COTS (MCOTS) solution that leverages our COTS products and services. Spectrum offers the following to provide a solution that meets your requirements on time and within budget.

  • Requirements capture and analysis
  • Project management and engineering
  • RF, High-speed analog I/O and digital development
  • Mechanical engineering and ruggedization and testing
  • FPGA application and infrastructure development
  • Board Support Package, driver, and software API development
  • Environmental testing and certification
  • Obsolescence and lifecycle management
  • Application Software Development
  • Flexible business models

Example MCOTS and System Integration Projects


PRO-4610The customer, a large international defense contractor, needed to build a multi-channel software defined tactical radio gateway. In order to meet the customer’s cost, power and I/O constraints, Spectrum developed a modified IF-to-Ethernet transceiver solution that combined the PRO-4600 and XMC-3321 analog I/O mezzanine module into a single 3U cPCI card. Spectrum also designed a custom high-speed backplane with embedded I/O, and board level ruggedization and environmental testing according to VITA47 specifications.



PRO-4600Spectrum worked with Harris Government Communications Systems to develop a low-power IF-to-Ethernet data modem for a remote buoy radio transceiver. Spectrum reduced the power consumption of a standard PRO-4600 Processing Engine and XMC-3321 Analog I/O Transceiver by removing FPGAs and ADC devices, and replacing the GPP with a lower-power PowerPC chip.


Shipboard Gateway

Harris ChassisSpectrum worked with Harris GCSD to a deliver multi-channel rugged shipborne radio gateway sub-system. Spectrum supplied multiple analog I/O, DSP and FPGA processing cards (PRO-1900/1901, ePMC-8311 and XMC-3321), that were integrated into a 9U rugged chassis with a customized I/O panel.


Air-to-Ground Radio

SDR-5001Spectrum developed an air-to-ground software defined radio transceiver that was based on its SDR-4803 Embedded Radio Module. Spectrum designed a complete integrated radio solution that included a conduction-cooled chassis, aircraft-grade power supply, power amplifier, software defined radio processing cards, and radio protocol software.