SDR-7000 VPX Family

OpenVPX (VITA 64) and VPX (VITA 46) Compliant Integrated Systems

Spectrum’s SDR-7000 family of integrated systems provides highly reconfigurable and scalable RF and processing solutions capable of supporting multiple waveforms in various environments- from benign laboratory conditions to deployment in harsh conditions. It is ideally suited for development, testing and deployment of applications using a mixture of RF and digital signal processing. All SDR-7000 systems
are compliant with OpenVPX (VITA 64) and VPX (VITA 46) standards.

The standard system is pre-configured and tested in an OpenVPX chassis with Spectrum’s quicComm development kit which includes a Linux board support package and software design kit, board and system-level examples, and FPGA application reference designs.

SDR-7xxx Configuration Options

A SDR-7xxx system is defined as a single board computer (SBC) and a RF transceiver (RF-7102 or 7902), additional RF cards can be added for a multi-channel configuration. For additional FPGA and DSP processing power, add Spectrums VPX-1151 or VPX-1131 and VPX-8320 cards to your system. The SDR-7000 family systems are available with either Linux OS or Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY RTOS.

See below for all Spectrum cards that can be integrated into a custom SDR-7000 configuration:

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