Burnaby, BC and Gatineau, QC – October 15, 2013

Spectrum Signal Processing by Vecima (“Spectrum”), trusted supplier of Software Defined Radio (SDR), embedded processing, RF and I/O solutions, and NordiaSoft, a firm formed by former employees of Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC), today announced plans for a seamless transition for customers of CRC’s SCARI Software Communications Architecture (SCA) Software Suite. NordiaSoft has acquired the licensing rights to the source code, and will continue to develop new features and offer support for the evolution of this SCA Software Suite.

“NordiaSoft is committed to providing a world-class product. As an independent entity, NordiaSoft can focus solely on developing solutions for the SDR market with increased agility and responsiveness to customers’ needs,” said Steve Bernier, CEO of NordiaSoft. “The team who originally designed the SCARI Software Suite is the foundation of NordiaSoft, and this continuity of personnel will ensure an uninterrupted evolution of the product.”

“Spectrum and NordiaSoft are working closely to ensure a smooth transition for our mutual customers as they develop their commercial and defence applications,” said Mark Briggs, General Manager of Spectrum. “Those who have invested or are considering investing in the SCARI SCA should benefit from this change in the supply chain. From the customer perspective, Spectrum plans to continue to provide front-line support. We expect no material change in licensing terms, pricing, support or maintenance.”

This new software suite will be marketed under a new name, but it will be based on the very same source code as the original SCARI Software Suite. It will include all the existing capabilities of the software currently in use by the CRC SCARI customer base.

About NordiaSoft SCARI Software Suite

The SCARI Software Suite is a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for SCA-based SDR development, and associated SCA Core Framework for the target platform. Used internationally by platform and radio manufacturers as well as application providers, SCARI reduces development risk and time to market, creating top-quality SDR products. The Software Suite includes:

  • SCA Architect: The platform independent, Eclipse-based development environment that lets you create, validate, and debug your components and applications in a single project.
  • Component Development Libraries (CDL): Provides a set of generic functions that greatly simplifies code generation and reduces the number of lines of code a developer must write to create SCA components.
  • Radio Manager: A platform run-time monitoring tool to install and control applications, as well as visualizing deployment strategies.
  • SCARI Core Framework (CF): The battle-proven CF of choice for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platform providers and radio manufacturers, supporting the largest combination of operating systems, object request brokers, and processors.

The NordiaSoft SCARI Software Suite will be available for order immediately on Spectrum’s SDR-4xxx product line, and available in 2014 for Spectrum’s SDR-7xxx product line.

For more information, contact Spectrum at 1.800.663.8986 or email sales@spectrumsignal.com, or NordiaSoft at +1-613-869-7371 or email info@nordiasoft.com.

About Spectrum Signal Processing by Vecima

Spectrum Signal Processing designs and builds board and system-level hardware solutions for demanding signal and video processing applications. Spectrum combines high-performance data acquisition (RF, analog and digital I/O) and reconfigurable signal and video processing hardware with its best-in-class support and engineering services to enable customers to rapidly develop and then deploy their products and systems. Spectrum has worked with both commercial and military customers worldwide to develop and deliver solutions optimized for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), video, military (MILCOM) communications and satellite communications (SATCOM) markets. For more information on Spectrum and its products, please visit www.spectrumsignal.com. Spectrum is part of Vecima Networks Inc. and its products are designed and manufactured in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. See www.vecima.com for more information on Vecima.

About NordiaSoft

NordiaSoft offers products and services for customers that need to create state-of-the-art software-defined platforms for use in the military/aerospace, telecommunications, robotics, instrumentation, transportation and consumer electronics industries.

Founded as a spin-off from the Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC), NordiaSoft’s core team has led a decade-long list of industry firsts in Software Communications Architecture (SCA) technologies. As experts in software components for embedded systems, NordiaSoft offers proven solutions to developers creating next generation platforms.

NordiaSoft’s solution is built on CRC’s trusted SCA modeling tools and Core Framework, the first commercial-off-the-shelf Core Framework to have been deployed on military radios in the battlefield. NordiaSoft offers exceptional technical support, mentoring, and consulting services.

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