Obsolescence Management Service


Upon product end of life (EOL), we work with our customer to prepare a unique Obsolescence Management Plan that specifies the quantity of product required over a duration of time. Last time buy (LTB) quantities of the component(s) going obsolete is placed into bonded inventory. The components placed into bonded inventory is customer-owned material. Spectrum monitors the product bill-of-materials (BOM) for further component obsolescence. Upon such occurrence, Spectrum notifies the customer of the additional component(s) EOL and works with the customer to update the Obsolescence Management Plan.

Component Management System

Spectrum product BOMs are continuously monitored for component obsolescence and/or other component changes using a state-of-the-art component database monitoring facility. Upon receiving component change/obsolescence notification, we work with our customers to update their existing Obsolescence Management Plans to effectively reset the EOL clock. Proactive BOM monitoring provides Spectrum and our customers the ability to react quickly to critical information maximizing product
life cycle and associated revenue.


Bonded Inventory

Based on the needs of the customer specific Obsolescence Management Plan, a LTB for components going obsolete will be purchased as customer-owned inventory and bonded. Customers are given credit for the components used from the bonded inventory upon shipment of the product.


Technical Support

Five hours of Technical Support service is included with each Obsolescence Management Plan.