PCI/PCI-X to ePMC/XMC Carrier Board




The PRO-2900 is a PCI/PCI-X-based carrier card with dual Enhanced PMC (ePMC)/XMC sites. This unique carrier card hosts up to 2 XMC processing & I/O modules in a PCI/PCI-X PC. The PRO-2900 can be used within Spectrum’s SDR-2000 family to interface to Spectrum I/O, FPGA, and DSP processing engines as well as industry standard PMC/XMC mezzanine cards.

The mezzanine card interface is supported for up to two PMC, ePMC or XMC modules per PRO-2900 carrier card. Using multiple independent communication fabrics and GPIO ports interconnecting the mezzanine sites, numerous combinations of FPGA, DSP and GPP signal processing devices can be utilized to support a wide range of software defined radio (SDR) applications.

Features and Benefits


  • High-speed communications fabric supporting both Solano and Parallel RapidIO* technologies to provide low latency deterministic data paths to processing devices
  • Two ePMC/XMC sites support a wide variety of industry standard I/O and signal processing modules
  • Up to 800 MB/s full-duplex data bandwidth for module-to-module communications via Solano RapidIO* technologies
  • Interboard data bandwidth between two PRO-2900 boards in a system is up to 800 MB/s
  • Local PCI-X bus provides soft real-time communications to the ePMC/XMC sites for payload data and control
  • Standard PCI/PCI-X interface to the SDR-2000 and Waveform Design Studio PC motherboard, through a PCI-X to PCI-X semi-transparent bridge chip
  • Dedicated high-speed links between the JN4 connectors on the ePMC/XMC sites with additional connectivity available to JN4 through independent edge connectors
  • Supports Windows® XP and Linux Host* OS


  • Provides a low cost software defined radio (SDR) solution as part of the flexComm™ SDR-2000 and Waveform Design Studio™ platforms
  • Supports applications requiring high-speed, low latency, deterministic data paths
  • Modular architecture supports multiple combinations of processing and I/O mezzanine cards
  • Suitable for use in a Windows® or Linux* desktop environment
  • Scalable for future system expansion

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