Spectrum Software

Spectrum Software Development Kit (SDK)

Spectrum’s SDK is a suite of software to enable users to develop their own applications to run on Spectrum products. An SDK is provided for each Spectrum product family tailored to a specific operating system. The SDK includes the following: quicComm: is a high-performance software library and hardware abstraction layer (HAL) that provides seamless inter-processor communications between general purpose processors (GPPs), FPGAs and DSPs. The quicComm software library is designed to support a multiprocessor communications environment that is layered on both the run-time host and the target processor. quicComm enables all the features of the hardware without bogging the developer down with hardware details. FPGA Wrapper: comes with a set of performance-optimized wrapper modules that abstract the hardware and present a simplified interface from the user application to external hardware. Some typical wrapper modules are: quicComm TEM module, ADC Interface, DAC Interface, SDRAM I/F, GPIO + Register Modules, Application Core options, such as DDC, DUC, Hopping Engine etc. High Level Libraries are provided for certain products, such as RF cards, to enable control of specific features of the product. They make us of quicComm for communication with the hardware. GPP Libraries with example code DSP Libraries with example code

Board Support Package (BSP)

Spectrum’s BSP exists below the SDK and provides the necessary infrastructure software for chosen OS to run on Spectrum’s hardware. It provides for initialization and set-up with different hardware and operating system options, including INTEGRITY and VxWorks. Note: Linux implementations on Spectrum hardware do not require a separate BSP.

Optional SCA Software Stack

Spectrum partners with NordiaSoft, Objective Interface Systems and Green Hills Software to provide a complete SCA implementation on Spectrum’s SDR-4000 product family and SDR-7000 product family

SCARI SCA Software Suite

NordiaSoft implementation of the SCARI Software Communication Architecture (SCA) Software Suite.

OIS ORBexpress® RT

ORBexpress® RT

Green Hills Software Inc.


INTEGRITY Real Time Operating System and MULTI IDE from Green Hills Software Inc.

Supported Operating Systems


Supported Operating Systems (OS)
Products INTEGRITY VxWorks Linux SCA Host OS
SDR-7000 Family 11.01 No Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 Yes Windows 7 Windows XP/SP3
SDR-4000 Family 5.11 Tornado 2.2.1 VxWorks 5.5.1 No Yes Windows 7 Windows XP/SP3


Example Waveform

The FM3TR Waveform, as implemented by CALIT2, is available with source code without charge for educational and R&D use. It includes GPP, DSP and FPGA code running under SCA version 2.2.2.