SCARI SCA Software Suite


Spectrum’s SDR-4000 product family and SDR-7000 product family are offered with the NordiaSoft implementation of the SCARI Software Communication Architecture (SCA) Software Suite. The SCARI Suite includes the NordiaSoft SCARI core framework and a development tool suite. Spectrum supports the NordiaSoft SCARI Suite in conjunction with the OIS ORBexpress-RT CORBA Object Request Broker (ORB). The SCA is an open specification sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) program. It specifies architecture requirements such as software, hardware, and networking for open, programmable SDR systems with flexible, re-programmable communication capabilities. The SCA specifies a common framework to build-up, configure, connect and tear down distributed, embedded radio applications while maximizing waveform portability.

NordiaSoft SCARI Core Framework

The SCARI SCA Core Framework provides the run-time environment for SCA applications to run on the system. It is the only battle-proven commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Core Framework (CF), and has become the Core Framework of choice for platform providers and radio manufacturers, supporting the largest combination of operating systems, ORBs, and processors.​

Spectrum SCA BSP

The SCA BSP provides the platform-specific components of the SCA core framework, enabling the Core Framework to run on Spectrum products. It includes SCA devices for Spectrum hardware, and also provides application examples to speed development. The SCA BSP is SCA compliant.

SCARI Development Toolset

NordiaSoft’s SCARI Development Toolset assists in the development of your SDR projects. These tools are closely integrated with the SCARI core framework. The SCARI Development Toolset enables rapid application development (RAD) and provides a platform-independent Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that covers the complete SDR development life cycle from creation and validation of components to their assembly into applications or nodes.

The tools include:

  • SCARI Architect, a GUI tool that enables the user to design their application in a block diagram format.
  • SCARI Radio Manager is a run-time monitoring tool to install and control applications, which allows users to visualize deployment of components on the system​. It is a key tool for debugging and testing.

The SCARI Toolset:

  • Allows unambiguous modeling of SCA entities
  • Facilitates implementation of real-time model validation
  • Provides model re-factoring capabilities
  • Allows reverse-engineering of models for existing components
  • Provides zero-merge, template based, portable, POSIX/CORBA compliant code generation for SCA Resources and Devices
  • Minimize code memory footprint using Component Development Libraries

For more information on the SCARI Core Framework and Development Tools, please visit

NordiaSoft R-Check SCA Adapter

NordiaSoft and Reservoir Labs have worked together closely to bring to market The NordiaSoft R-Check SCA Adapter, an Eclipse-based plugin to SCA Architect that is invoked automatically when the source code of an SCA Architect generated component is modified by developers. This validation ensures SCA compliance regarding the SCA, CORBA or POSIX APIs.

For more info about NordiaSoft’s R-Check Adapter see here.

About NordiaSoft

Founded as a spin-off from the Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC), NordiaSoft’s core team has led a decade-long list of industry firsts in SCA technologies now embedded in thousands of hardware products. NordiaSoft has acquired the licensing rights to the original SCARI source code, and will continue to develop new features and offer support for the evolution of the SCARI SCA Software Suite.